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Foodie for schools

Reduce Waste – Save Money – Sustainability Education

Up to 86 per cent of the waste a school produces doesn’t need to go to landfill and Schools on average produce 33 tonnes of waste per year.

What we pay for waste is often a hidden cost we do not question. Your school could be ‘throwing out’ $5000, $10,000 or even $20,000 a year on waste collection.

How can Foodie help?

The Foodie Program provides a comprehensive engagement plan of learning, communication and support so schools can successfully minimise waste going to landfill.

Reduce Waste
Foodie introduces a food-scraps bin, recycling bin and paper bin to every classroom.  Policies such as ‘Nude Food’, ‘Bring it in, Take it Home’ and ‘Eat Before Play’ also minimizes waste.

Save Money
Foodie’s best practice waste management system means spending less money on bin liners and waste collection.

Sustainability Education
Foodie provides teachers with lesson plans and professional development.  Students will enjoy learning about sustainability through Foodie’s interactive workshops and school show.

What is Foodie?

  • Saving money on waste collection costs
  • Waste audit with a ‘before and after’ progress report
  • Professional Development workshops run by 5 star Resource Smart school educators
  • School shows and interactive workshops for students
  • Educational videos and lesson plans
  • Worm farm and compost implementation and training
  • Food-scraps bin, recycling bin and paper bin in every classroom
  • ‘Nude Food’, ‘Bring it in, Take it Home’ and ‘Eat Before Play’
  • Boosting your star accreditation with Resource Smart Schools
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Memorable, dynamic and already seen by over 30,000 students! The FOODIE show is a proven winner for inspiring young people to love worms and love reducing food waste. Show includes songs, dancing and a lot of audience interaction.


Worm the worm (the hero of this story) is on a mission is to find a friendly person who will kindly set aside their food scraps so Worm can feed the family. Unfortunately, humans these days seem to be very busy so Worm is going to need to pull out all the stops to get a friendly person to stop listen and help.

Post Show Forum
Performers assume the FOODIE ambassador role and encourage students to eat all their lunch and to discuss how they can assist their school embracing the Foodie program.

Performance duration: 60 minutes (Including Post-Show Q&A forum)
Grade level:
Early Childcare to Primary School
Cost per show:
$800 + GST plus travel
Possible start times: Flexible
Max # per show: 100

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